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Life is a combination of magic and pasta… ~ Federico Fellini

Hey guys! 
I am a food photographer, a Cosmopolitan food blogger, a clinical nutritionist, and an emerging author of cookbooks where I’m trying to sum up my cooking experience gathered over the years during my extensive travels.
I lived in several countries over the past 13 years and that is where the passion for unusual ingredients and a pure respect for food was born. I am particularly inspired by the Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine with the stress on the freshness and the element of a “homemade”.
I am very much involved in several travel projects and nature & wildlife conservation projects, you can follow some of my journey on www.travelwithmaya.com / Instagram @travelwithmaya & Facebook.com/travelwithmaya
Over the past year I’ve been published in several food and lifestyle magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan.
Feel free to follow Bohemian Foodie for your frequent dose of interesting and healthy recipes from all around the world!
Prague, Czech Republic
About me / Published work
Published work;
Cosmopolitan / June issue 2016
Harper’s Bazaar / May issue 2016 
Cosmopolitan / May issue 2016
Harper’s Bazaar / April issue 2016 
Cosmopolitan / April issue 2016
Apetit magazine / April issue 2016 
F.O.O.D magazine / April issue 2016 
Gourmet magazine / April issue 2016
Harper’s Bazaar / March issue 2016
Cosmopolitan / March issue 2016
Tarsago – Bookazine / Spring issue 2016
Harper’s Bazaar / February issue 2016
Cosmopolitan / February issue 2016 (2 projects)
Harper’s Bazaar / January issue 2016 
Cosmopolitan / January issue 2016
Tarsago / December issue 2015
Cosmopolitan / August issue 2015
Cosmopolitan / May issue 2015