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Life is a combination of magic and pasta… ~ Federico Fellini

Hey guys! 
I’m a nutritionist and a food photographer passionate about travels and wolfdogs.
Last year I made a decision to go plant-based and that is why Bohemian Foodie will be focused more on vegan recipes rather than vegetarian. 
(I may still post a vegetarian recipe or two for my friends and family 😉
Apart from shooting food and creating delicious recipes, I am a Cosmopolitan food blogger, and I’ve been published in Cosmopolitan and Harper Bazaar magazines repeatedly. 
I lived in several countries over the past 13 years and that is where the passion for unusual ingredients and a pure respect for food was born. I am particularly inspired by the Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine with the stress on the freshness and the element of a “homemade”.
I am very much involved in several travel projects and nature & wildlife conservation projects, you can follow some of my journey on www.travelwithmaya.com / Instagram @travelwithmaya & Facebook.com/travelwithmaya
Feel free to follow Bohemian Foodie for your frequent dose of interesting and healthy recipes from all around the world!
Prague, Czech Republic
About me / Published work
Published work;
Cosmopolitan / June issue 2016
Harper’s Bazaar / May issue 2016 
Cosmopolitan / May issue 2016
Harper’s Bazaar / April issue 2016 
Cosmopolitan / April issue 2016
Apetit magazine / April issue 2016 
F.O.O.D magazine / April issue 2016 
Gourmet magazine / April issue 2016
Harper’s Bazaar / March issue 2016
Cosmopolitan / March issue 2016
Tarsago – Bookazine / Spring issue 2016
Harper’s Bazaar / February issue 2016
Cosmopolitan / February issue 2016 (2 projects)
Harper’s Bazaar / January issue 2016 
Cosmopolitan / January issue 2016
Tarsago / December issue 2015
Cosmopolitan / August issue 2015
Cosmopolitan / May issue 2015