Hey guys, welcome to Bohemian Foodie! 

My name is Irena Markovich but friends call me Ennie. I’m a nutritionist, a photographer, a food stylist and a human soul madly passionate about travels, wolfdogs and Universe. My obsession with food and pure ingredients was born during past 15 years of my travels across the globe. 
Starting Travel with Maya project kicked off my passion for cooking in nature. We were often (Maya and Altai – my two wolfdogs) in the wilderness far far away from a grocery store, let alone a restaurant. Bread, butter and ham don’t seem like a healthy, long-term solution, and therefore “fire” was born. Shortly after I gave up meat and started experimenting with vegetarian and vegan recipes. 

And that’s where the passion for cooking vegetarian and vegan food on an open fire came from. I love cooking in the kitchen, it inspires me… but cooking in nature sets me free.
It took me a little while merging both projects together.. but in life we should always do what makes us happy, no matter how crazy it seems.
The goal of Bohemian Foodie is to inspire you to cook vegetarian and vegan dishes, to release love for fresh ingredients and to experiment with flavours and produce from all over the world. I hope this platform will serve you as an inspiration for cooking at home and outside and brings new ideas to your kitchen.
I am particularly inspired by the Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine where less is more. Apart from shooting food and creating delicious recipes, I am a Cosmopolitan food blogger, and I’ve been published in Cosmopolitan and Harper Bazaar magazines repeatedly. 
Have a wonderful day!
~ i.

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